Name:- Ronan Holdsworth

D.O.B :- sometime in 1971

Place of birth:- Sydney,Australia

Place of residence:- At the moment Gold Coast Australia  (but could change at any given time)

Art education:-self taught with lashings of workshops and advice from peers.


Thanks to the explosion of skateboarding in the 80’s and magazines like Thrasher that brought a whole new type of art to my eyes at an impressional age. As soon as i saw this art and all of its applications i was hooked. At the same time hiphop culture was being born and the “writers” scene emerged. Artists like TAKI183,SEEN,DONDI (just to name a few) were getting up everywhere in the states which lead to graffiti here in Australian and i was hooked straight away. 

Fast forward many years, my travel bug took me to the snow when snowboarding just hit Oz, the transition to the culture coming from a skate background was not that much different (great art, hard slams and awesome times). I think it was the solitude and serenity of the mountains that got me hooked ( it took me about ten years to get out of Thredbo). Traveling to different parts of the world to fuel my snow cravings i found a world wide community and related sub-cultures that make me feel right at home where ever my head lays, which in turn has had a positive influence on my life, my art and the applications that i use it.