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Epilepsy Awareness Mural Project

The artist story.

Ronan Holdsworth

Having a form of epilepsy that makes me have Grand Mal (tonic-clonic seizures) at any time unless medicated, which I am and pleased to say I have been seizure free now for 10yrs ( but doesn't mean I can't have a seizure at any time). Knowing this is very stressful and for me stress is one of my triggers that can cause a seizure.

This is why I had to leave the job that I had done for over 30yrs (cheffing). Being a chef got way too stressful and with three of my family members passing away in three consecutive years, I made the decision to start a business around my art. Being a creative person, my art works well with my stress levels, great for my and communities mental health.

Wanting to be closer to mountains where I can snowboard and hike, to be in proximity to medical infrastructures and surroundings that would feed my creativity art and photography, I made the decision to move to region Victoria where now I call home, Wangaratta.

After painting a few murals in town and painting a few in surrounding towns, this project to bring awareness to epilepsy started to grow. 

After talking and submitting artwork to the building and business owners, I got the go ahead for the mural project. I reached out to a couple of paint companies here in Melbourne. Tint Paint Australia and Haymes Paint Australia both donated paint to this mural project. As the artist I have donated the time to design the art and paint the murals, solo.

Art is what I know, love and is the only way I could think of raising awareness to an issue that I feel is bigger than people are talking about. As soon as I hit social media with the motivation behind the mural project, different conversations were started around epilepsy in the community. Having locals come and share their journey with epilepsy is fantastic and the online conversations with followers of the project have been inspirational.

I am humbled by the amount of positivity, great conversations and backing by the local community and followers of the project near and a far.

My broad goal is to achieve a Solo Artist Mural Trail to bring awareness to epilepsy.

Please email me if you would like to contribute to this goal.

Getting paint where it ain't,

Ronan Holdsworth

Note- All of these murals are completed with brushes and rollers which give a more painterly and luxuriousness to the artwork.

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