Goofy Pet Portraits

Digitally illustrated by Ronan Holdsworth

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Let digital artist Ronan immortalise  your beloved pet with their goofy personality.

Artistically adding elements to enhance the goofiness of your pet is part of the surprise you will receive when you open your portrait.

Each portrait is presented in a whimsical illustrative style.


Please consider when taking photos of your pet-

1 - to be in focus with no sun haze

2 - to be goofy ( serious pet photos cannot be used)

3 - to be taken as close as possible so I can get detail ( hard to see the detail from a photo taken 100 meters away).

If unsure about your photo please send photo to - where it will be reviewed  and will let you know if the photo is useable


How to Order

- Decide on the format you wold like your portrait.

- Make the payment on desired format

- Send 3 GOOFY photos of your beloved pet to


You have a choice of two (2) different mediums that you can receive your Goofy Pet Portrait

1- Professional Ilford Galerie Textured Cotton Rag paper.  Size A2

     Cost = $169 (free postage within Australia)

2- Digital Print ready File. Here you will receive a TIFF file with a canvas size equal to A2 and a DPI of 300 so you can print large if you like.

      Cost = $110

Please allow 2-3 weeks for illustrating , printing  and postage of your portrait.

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