After you realise how awesome a mural will look in your space, thinking through the mental health benefits for your loved ones, work colleges or the general public. Then you think through the advantages of using the digital file imagery that is included in mural price for advertising, social media marketing, merchandising and more.

When you decide on a mural from artist Ronan Holdsworth you will receive a hand painted, one of a kind mural where you the client and myself sit down and talk about what vision you have for your space to be painted. 

Mural packages :-

Standard Mural Package - This is your mural that you have dreamed of in the allocated space by you the client.

Business Mural Package - In this package you the client will receive the mural of your dreams in the allocated space and print ready file of the main component of the mural art. 

School Mural Package - Are you an educational centre of any type? This package is the one for you then. Special pricing with the ability to add on print ready file package.

If you find yourself interested in a mural, please don't hesitate to get a hold me through-

email - 

All social media - @ronanholdsworthgallery

phone - 0432 793484

Thank you for considering a Ronan Holdsworth Gallery Mural

Recent works

Massive Paste up in Wangaratta

This was no small fete. To put things in perspective here, the first bird, which is a Turquoise Parrot, has 1000 A4 pieces of paper in size. The weekend we put this up was hounded by rain, hail, Gail force winds, too much coffee and laughing so the scissor lift wouldn't stop shaking. Sadly after 2 years of display, artwork decaying and land lords request we had to remove this.

The Other Place Cafe. 
Rutherglen, Victoria

A fun Easter weekend spent painting, chatting to locals and visitors, drinking fantastic coffee and putting one of the best bacon and egg rolls in my face. After consulting with the client, we camp up with this design which represents steam running from the street frontage around and down into the courtyard. This was to draw the curious into this beautiful space. The mural finish with a coffee cup that looks like the peel of an orange and some mosaic triangles to add more colour and some geometric design. Not sure which was harder to paint, the corrugated wall or the stippled bumpy lumpy wall where the steam is. Lots of fun anyways.

Addition to The Other Place Cafe
Rutherglen, Victoria

When the owner of the cafe had a fence line moved, he asked me if I would extend the existing mural that I had done for him in the past. He asked if I could do representation of local by the name of Earlwood. When I was sent the reference photos I was delightfully surprised to find a Macaw staring back at me.
We decided on turquoise and a brilliant yellow for the colouring, shapes to complement the existing geometric shapes for the wings and to extend the geometric shapes down and around Earlwood.

Wangaratta Public School
Wangaratta, Victoria

Having the opportunity to work with any school always has a special spot in the heart for me. Here the brief was low detail, 11 foot in height, to leave bricks exposed and fun. So after the first art submission, the board loved it and off to paint we went. The wall 11 foot, the flowers 9-10, the grass approx 5 foot.